Russian Navy Suede

So this is the second suede I am going to do.  I really love this blue.   It is very navy blueish.  I say that nicely since sometimes the names have nothing to do with the color 🙂  So back the polish.  All of the suedes I have apply great!  Could be done in one coat but I love two.  I found the little tag that was on the bottle when I bought it.  It says that suedes do not wear as long as original OPI colors. Do not use a top coat, drying product, or hand lotion while wearing suede.  Funny I don’t remember reading that before and I know I break the rules and I like the non top coat and top coat look.  So here are the pictures of that.

Without Top Coat

With Top Coat

I have other suedes but have worn them already.  I am thinking that tomorrow I will be bright!

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  1. I have this one. LOVE it with top coat on!


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