Lincoln Park after Dark Suede.

So this is the first in the 3 suedes I have.  I just got this color and I love it.  Such a great purple.  For the mani I used a base coat, 2 coats of the color, and seche vite.  I could have gotten away with one coat but I love having two coats and it is just habit. 

Before top coat.

The thing I like most about Suedes is the complete transformation they take on when a top coat is added.  They go from a great matte with a dusty look to a vibrant shiny color.

With Seche Vite

This color is really great.  I wonder how it would look with water marbling?….  tomorrow will be Russian Navy Suede…..  Also I am planning a contest.  Check out my facebook and like it.  What should the magic number be… 80… 90… 100?

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  1. this is the only suede I have and I LOVE it! especially with a clear coat on top too, it’s like having 2 polishes!


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