Tired Sunday…

So I was playing with my current mani and decided to add some more holo colors I had with the tronica collection.  I just added some different tips using 5 of the colors.  I used Laser lime (which you can not see that well), Techno Teal, Virtual Violet, Hyper Haute and Mega Byte. 

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I really liked my He’s going in circles mani so I happy I got to add to it.  I think I would have been able to get more holo in the pictures if I had real light to work with but all I had was the flash, beggers choosers and etc.  It is amazing without the flash it is blurry and dark but the holo comes through… I need a brighter lamp.

I went the beach with my mom this past weekend and had a great time.  When I came home today I had an appt. at ULTA with Urban decay.  I got some amazing little finds.  Leave a comment to let me know if you would like me to show you some of the colors.

Also I can not go to a makeup store and not look at the nail polish.  I found another bottle of DS Coronation!  Also Lincoln Park after dark in suede!  They were on sale!  I also found 3 Zoyas!  They never have any in but low and behold a whole display.  I picked my favorite 3 which were Gemma, Jules, and Dannii.   After my appt.  we were walking in the mall and I saw a little salon with the new Femme collection by OPI.  I really wanted to try I juggle men since everyone kept saying how great it was a a top coat for sparkle, and this was the only place I had seen with it.  So in I went.  I got the last I juggle men and I saw a darker color on a small rack next to it.  It was OPI ink.  I was very excited and decided to get those two colors.  THAT is when the lady informed me it was buy two get one… so I though great!!!! and started looking.  Well I found a My Private Jet!    That was my day in awesome… I have some OPI suede coming up… I know I have been giving a lot of love to China Glaze lately but I will spread my love to all my brands!

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  1. This is so cheeky! I love it!

  2. This is really cute!!

  3. Wow! What luck! I’ve been driving around my area and noone has Femme de Cirque. I had to order it from amazon!

  4. this is so cool!


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