He’s Going in Circles China Glaze

I am in love with holos.   I got this from a friend… She is just starting blogging and made a facebook page so check her out.  I have a bond with her because she has found this wonderful polish and shipped it to me.   I love it is the best of everything I love.  It is just slightly green and has a great holo color in it. 

It was very easy to work with and went on great.  This is two coats and a top coat.  I love it!  The think I found hard was getting a really good photo to show the wonderful holo in it.  Just a tilt of you hand makes the picture look completely different.

He's going in circles no flash cloudy day

Tilted the hand just slighly

I am also getting better at taking pictures in general.  Not as good some of the other bloggers, but getting there. 

I am at the beach with my mom for beach bunko.  Very excited!  It is rainy here but it is always rainy!  I can not wait till summer when us Oregonians get our 1 week of sun 🙂  Then I will really take some great pictures of some holos! 

One last thing that I was very sad about.  I was asked by a blogger in Denmark to get her some of the Tronica Collection.  So i got the 8 I could still find and went to ship them at USPS.  They said it is illegal to ship nail polish with them, and that I had to use FedEX or UPS.  He also went on to warn me about lying and not telling them it wa polish.  So then I went to check the prices of using the other two….  It is from $100 and up.  not only that I have to have a hazmat or hazardous material license, or be a distributor, since I guess then that covers it, or lie… But I can not lie.  I spent 2+ hours on the phone talking to customs people and hazardous material departments… international is a no go for me.  I felt so bad, but thought I would warn others who might run into the same thing….

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  1. Tera

     /  April 14, 2011

    I don’t know about different countries customs but I have shipped polish from the states overseas before but was told you can not ship air mail. The post office told me hazardous and/or flammable material can be shipped as long as you ship ground and it is clearly stamped parcel post and has ORM-D written on it.

    • I was told by post office there was no way to go ground international. I was trying to ship to Denmark. Canada might have been ok… they told me to use USPS or FedEX and both wanted to charge me $125+.

  2. We actually can’t really ship them locally either cause it’s considered hazardous. I’ve shipped twice internationally. Once is just one bottle but the other timne is about 9. I used a small flat rate USPS box for about $13 I think. I held my breath until it got to the buyer. I marked it as used cosmetics since I don’t want her dinged with custom fees too. But yeah…:(

    • Technically USPS said as long as it is not in a plane you are fine for national shipping. So the flat rate boxes are fine, they normally don’t even bat an eye when I pack it and I normally do it in front of them. So I guess if I want to do international I need to ship by boat :S ????

  3. Megan

     /  April 2, 2011

    That was supposed to say sell

  4. Megan

     /  April 2, 2011

    So, do you wanna dell your tronica colors then?

  5. Sarah Johnson

     /  April 2, 2011

    Thanks so much for the shoutout hun! Love the capture of the holos in these pictures. I also purchased the whole Tronica collection for a girl in Singapore and so far have found no way to ship them. One girl said they mark it as art supplies and another said she ships them anyway. I also am unable to lie so sadly I might not be able to ship mine either. I wanted so badly to help her!

    • Yeah they warned me about putting just as beauty or etc… horror stories about it being stuck in customs for months and fines for lying. eh. My thought is since I looked it up on TSA website I am technically allowed to bring 130 bottles of nail polish on the plane with me before I hit the limit of personal things that are flamable… so why cant I ship 9 bottles?


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