Other crackle colors?!?!

So as many of you know OPI, in may, will be coming out with more colors in their shatter collection. 

China Glaze also has several colors of crackle. 

So when I went to the salon the other day she asked if I wanted to have my nails with crackle.  I said sure, going through the colors I know are out there.  So when she brought out a green, and I mean green crackle I was intrigued.  I of course had to have it put on.  I must say that I didn’t like her technique.  So I think I might have been able to get different results, but here is the pic.


So if you want a link of where to get it, I found it on ebay and it comes in tons of colors.  It is LaRosa Cosmetics. I won’t lie though I am most excited for silver shatter from OPI!

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  1. The silver one is the ONLY one I’m excited about because I think it’ll look great on so many colors…especially black. My birthday is next week and I’m going to be hitting Sally and Ulta to spend my birthday money. (I won’t tell you how old I am…suffice it to say too old to still be getting birthday checks, yet I do, and I’m spending them on polish!) 🙂

  2. I didn’t like that green one cause of the way it crackled. CG and OPI have different crackling but this one is different from both of those!


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