Ok so I guess they are considered fake now

I went to the nail salon yesterday and I wanted to have an over lay of silk put on my middle nail, because it was cracked on the side.  My husband said to just do them all so they can stay long and beautiful.  After talking to the lady she said I should try solar nails, a type of overlay.  I thought why not, I have never really had nails before so I can try it once and see if I like, I can always grow them back out if I don’t.  So She put them on.  I am not thrilled with them, but they are ok.  Next time I probably won’t but it is fun to try something new and be out of the box. 

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  1. Cat

     /  April 4, 2011

    I am not familiar with solar nails but if you want strength or a repair that will last to help you grow out a broken nail I recommend Shellac. I wear it and my nails are protected. I get bored with the colors being on for so long so I often have a neutral color on and then paint regular polish over. That way I can change them. Using regular polish remover doesn’t harm the Shellac when used quickly. For breaks I use a small piece of silk wrap on the nail and brush on teh base coat and cure. Then apply the color and top coats. It has saved my hands from using L & P on a nail that has broken and doesn’t weaken the new growth as L & P does.

    • Thank you so so so much for this info. I never though of using the Shellac. And I love to change my polish, which is why they were getting dried out and etc. Shame on me for not oiling them more. But that is a great idea if it isn’t to affected by the remover, plus i got the non-acetone kind. Yeah I won’t be probably getting these again. Will just grow them out to a point then take them off.


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