Bad Kitty CG – pink wednesday

So it is Wednesday.  I thought that since I got this glitter called bad kitty I would put it to use today.  I am not a huge fan of glitter, but with a name like Bad Kitty I couldn’t resist.  It is a thick glittery jelly like polish.  It is pink jelly with holo(ish) round small glittery in it.  I started with 2 coats of White on White by China Glaze.  After which I started layering on the kitties. 

White on White China Glaze

This mani took forever to dry.  Not only is Bad kitty very thick, I think I put the white on white on too thick as well causing extra drying time.  I started with one layer of kitty, but I did not think it was pink enough, though at that time it looked like I had bubble gum pink nails.  There was also some areas of thicker and thinner glitter, so I thought a second coat would help.  In the end I hated ever picture I took of it even though I put 2 coats down and a shiny top coat.  So there will be no really up close picture of how the glitter looked.  But to distract from the fact that there are no picture like the one above I will give you this one, which is very pretty.

Bad Kitty by China Glaze

The flowers distract you from the fact that the glitter is not all over even.  It is still a very pretty color, and I do like the glitter in it.  I think it is slightly more coral pink than the picture shows, but it is a rainy day here.  Well it is always a rainy day.  I think if I had put more time into make the glitter even it would have turned out better, but I was multi tasking and watching the Blind Side with my husband.  Great movie, really a feel good movie.  Next time I think I will also put it over a color instead of white.

But I could not leave you with just those pictures with a name like bad kitty.  So here are my bad kitties becoming nail polish models.

Eirwen and Bad Kitty from China Glaze

Bebo and Bad Kitty from China Glaze

Zelda and Bad Kitty from China Glaze

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