More camera fun… Broken Hearted CG

So I still haven’t figured out what my camera is doing… so I thought I would really throw it for a loop and put the China Glaze Broken Hearted crackle on top of it.  It is a pink, not bright or pale just very normal.  So on the crackle went and back to playing with the camera… this is what I first got.  It was able to ge the pink the right color, but the purple then became reddish…

It lies to me 🙂

So then I went to playing with the settings… light, outdoor, flash, iso, dev, etc.  I just took a picture on ever setting. Most were unable to capture a great detailed picture and were fuzzy since they weren’t for up close shots, but thought I would try it any way.  Well I finally got one that was pretty close. 

Broken Hearted CG in natural light.

It was good for the crushed candy and “better” for the purple underneath.  I found that to even get close I can not use my flash.  Such an odd predicament.  But in terms of crackle polish all of the China Glaze has been great!  It doesn’t get thick or sticky, goes on great, and crackles great.  I am still looking for their white crackle, I have the others. 

And a just cause a picture with my obviously great camera phone of the colors…  The pink and purple colors are really very distinct, as it shows in this picture.

Broken Hearted and Dream on Sinful Colors and Icing.

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