Just an update on the new polish grabs I have gotten.

So I just wanted to post some pictures of the new polish grabs I have gotten.  I am particually exctied about the large top coat I got.

I am so excited since it is my favorite topcoat and…. there is now so much of it in my house.  I also got while I was there the retain base coat.  I feel it will help my nails stay as long as they have been.  Plus I found 3 OPI DS’s that I didn’t have:  DS Magic, DS Glow, and DS Reflections.  Mind you this is the stuff I got last week, I just hadn’t posted it yet. 

On saturday I went to the mall and Trade secret was having a sale.  My husband, being the most amzing man ever let me sit on the floor picking through their box to see what was on sale…. I came away with this….

I have now 4 essie colors: Imported Changen, It’s Genuis, Jag-U-Are, and Bright Tights.  They are the first of that brand I have.  I also got 8 new OPI’s for me: Take the Stage(all I had was the small bottle), Funky Dunkey, DS Illuminate (I got 2 bottles for me, I just love the color), Keys to my Karma, Ruble for your Thoughts, DS Reserve, and Met on the Internet.  The last 4 DS colors not mentioned but in the picture are DS Illuminate, DS Mystery, DS Reserve, and DS Reflections.  I will be giving them away in an upcoming contest!

Well that it is for now.  I will be painting my nails later today, but right now I am finishing up organizing my polish, though why I say that I am not sure.  I am always organizing 🙂

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