All my babies

So this has nothing to do with nail polish today.  Mainly the reason for this is because I wanted to keep my dots on one more day 🙂  So I thought I would give you a look at my 5 babies.  They are the cutest babies ever, and I love them so. Each one brings something wonderful to my life.  They are always happy to see you and don’t care if your day was bad at work or if your polish is chipped 🙂


 This is Bebo.  He is a tuxedo kitty who is 2 yrs old.  He is more of my husbands kitty and the only boy kitty in the house. My husband and I fostered kittens, in total we have fostered 50+.  He was our foster fail.  When he came to us he had to be hand fed and weight just over a 1lb.  His paw was messed and face cut up.  They think he was thrown from a car.  Luckly we mended him and he has been with us ever since.  He loves my husband more, but will still snuggle with me with the mood strikes him.  He is 14 lbs of personality.  He always lets us know when it is bed time, though he never goes to bed then and uses the time instead to run up and down the hall. 


 This is Zelda, short for Griselda meaning gray battle maiden in german.  She is a dilute torbie.  We adopted her from CAT, Cat Adoption Team. When we went to the house to look at the kittens, there were 2 Siamses girls a little grey girl and boy.  She was that little grey girl.  While sitting on the floor getting a feel for all the kittens to see if anyone of them were the kitties for us, she climbed up me and on to my shoulder.   She looked me in the face and kissed my nose.  It has been love ever since.    We got her when she was 10 weeks old.  It was her birthday Wednesday this week.  She is now 4.  She is my fatty baby, 16lbs.  She is one whole lot of cat.  She will always lay with me and sit on my lap.  She loves to snuggle and be petted.  She is also the whiner out of all the kitties and cries.  I call her my Zelza Boo.  She is a lover, such a momma girl.


 This is Eirwen, meaning Snow White in Welsh.  This name made more since when she was a baby, since she was snowy white Siamese, today is a tabby point Siamese.  We adopted her from CAT also.  She is Zelda’s sister.  When we were at the house, I was really looking at the other little Siamese girl. But she would not let my Husband touch her so we got  instead.  She had such a great friendly disposition.  She has been my little medical emergency though.  With her seizure, her personality changed.  Not for better or worse just change.  She is now a little needier.  Liking to sit on laps more, more vocal, and more adventurous.   She can say mama, catches “mice” for me, and loves to sit in my lap while I am on the comp.  She is also always first to come to bed and sleep with me, a 14lb heater.   Such a momma girl as well. 



This is Rufus, my husband named him after the naked mole rat from Kim Possible.  My husband and I went into the pet store to look at parrots one day and came home with 2 ferrets.  He is the much large of the 2 we have, when stretched out he is the size of my arm.  He is almost 3 years old and is a cinnamoncolored ferret.  I call him my Boofus.  He is mostly blind but will come running from across the house when I make his cadberry egg bunny balk.  When he is out of his cage, he loves to follow me around, trying to “help” with whatever I am doing.  He is quite the lover and I give him kisses all the time.  Much more mellow than his “sister”.  Always wanting to know what you are doing. 


This is Leelu, the much smaller ferret.  We got her at the same time.  She is a sable colored ferret with much fluffier fur than Rufus.  Being smaller does not slow her down at all.  When out she constantly is running up and down the house “honking”.  I call her my little Wee Woo.  Notorious for stealing things and hiding out in my shoes, she is quite funny.  Not one for holding still she is always on the go.  The first to get stuck or lost, and she is very nosey.   



Well that was a look into my furry family. Hope you liked seeing my babies as much as I liked sharing them. 

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  1. Rebecca

     /  March 26, 2011

    They are all so cute! I love seeing pictures of the animals of all of the bloggers. It seems that loving nail polish (and make-up) and loving animals go hand in hand. 🙂


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