Sue vs. Shue and Yoga-ta get this Blue!

So as some of you may know I am obsessed with Glee.  I love the music, the show, everything.  This weekend while sorting my polish I watched season 1 again.  Well went the Sephora colors came out I had to get them.  So one of the small bottle in the pack was Sue vs. Shue, it only came it the small bottle.  I was very sad that this was its only size since I loved the color.  Well while organizing and reswatching on wheels I noticed that it looked the exact same as Yoga-ta get this blue! by OPI.  I got Yoga after I got Sue.  So I thought today that I would put it to the test. and I painted them on.

With Flash

In sunshine

Conclusion, they are identical!  This conclusion thrills me.  Normally I would be a little grumpy for having two colors that are so similar, but not this one.  I ended up not using Sue. vs. Shue everyso  often since I didn’t want it to run out, it being a small bottle and all.  But no matter whether it is sun or shade these colors look exact.  Even the way they went on was the same.  This is two coats and a top coat.

Also I thought I would leave you with a little glimpse at my help who wanted to try to help me take pictures.  I kept telling her I take bad enough ones as it is without her help 🙂

Its my Zelda Boo

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  1. Zelda wants a mani 🙂 this color is very nice! I wonder why they end up releasing the same under different names.. kind of makes it less special

    • I just wonder if parts of the company speak to one another. One is Seophora OPI the other just OPI. Communication is needed, but sometimes I don’t mind. And she barely holds still for pics… nails might be asking too much.


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