A typical friday night

I was going to paint my nails but got caught up in the sorting and organizing part.  I am redoing some of my swatches.  So I have to layout all the colors and color organize them since I am OCD about it.  But I will get a new picture of nails up tomorrow probably.  Also I will be doing my drawing for the contest.  Thank you to all who entered.  And now a look into my friday…

Laying out all my polish...

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  1. Linda

     /  March 18, 2011

    I have to laugh at your OCD comment because this is exactly what I did when I was organizing my (much smaller!) collection of polishes. I really will have to get some swatch wheels though – right now I’m painting swatches into a notebook, with one page per colour.

    I love your blog and love your posts – especially the ones for OPI as I’m such a huge fan of their polishes. I’ve visited your blog often but have to apologize that I’ve only just now subscribed (that will teach me not to scroll all the way down to the bottom before now!).

    Have a great weekend, and enjoy the organizing!!


    • Thank you for subscribing! I love OPI as well and they are the majority of my polishes. I love the wheels becuase then you can just hold it up to your finger and see if you like that color today.


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