St. Patricks Day

I have a deep love for this holiday for many reasons.  As I am laying here in bed with my new laptop I am reminded of one of them.  My husband.  He really is the love of my life.  He is my guidance when I am lost, my strength when I am weak.  We started dating on March 17th 2006.  We had met 2 years prior and were good friends, hanging out, talk, bowling, etc.   But that was the day we started dating.  I am very fortunate that he is as supportive and understanding as he is.  Plus he is very easy on the eyes 🙂  We have a poster on our livingroom wall of the first date we had right before we decided to date.  We saw the movie V.  It is a giant movie post with that date on it.  I have never been a fan of movie posters but when we saw that we knew we had to have it.  So from that day forward we have been inseparable.  Sure we argue and have our fights, but I have a terrible infliction that I can not stay made it him for more than a few mins… I hate it 🙂  He always knows what to say to get out of trouble or make me happy again.  We dated for a year then were engaged a year and have been married 3 yrs now with our anniversary on the 29th of feb, Leap Day!   So besides my blatant love of green and all things green, I love this day because it symbolizes the day I began my great adventure with the love of my life. 

Well I couldn’t just end the post without some nail pictures now could I.  Here are some more of the mani I gave myself last night in preparation for today.

Outta bounds by China Glaze

I used Outta Bounds by China Glaze for the green nails.  The rainbow was   with China Glaze tronica colors, which is why I think it looks multi colored a little because of the holo in it.  I then also added sparkly green tips to the nails with Icings Irish Gold.  The sparkles are a great emerald and lime green mix in a clear polish.   I am really happy with how the top pics rainbow turned out.  Both had to be redone twice but after the 2nd time I was not doing it again and this was the way it is.

Outta Bounds by China Glaze

Also I will leave you with a picture of me in bed watching Glee with my 2 baby girls.


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  1. I knew you’d have a green ever since you mentioned green is one of your favorite colors (or did you say favorite?). Looks great! I love it!


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