Beach trip

My friends parents have a beach house and they invited us to come and join them this weekend and hang out.  We went down saturday and then stayed for part of today, now we are home.  Yesterday was great, not to windy or cold, but I spent most of the day trying to buy comp so we didn’t get to the beach till very late.  We hung out this morning and thought about having our husbands fly kites.  They were both very excited about this.  So we went to the kite store, and while we were there it started to rain.  The problem is once we left it really didn’t let up.  In fact it then began to monsoon.  I say this because it is an accurate way to describe the amount of water coming from the sky.  We decided at that time to just call it a day and head home.  Driving home was the biggest pain!  Rain was coming down say hard I could barely see, and the drops were so big that the sound on the car was deafening.  All in all though we had a gret weekend. 

Decided to do so regular reds and then a black shatter on top.  The thing is I started painting my one hand.  Then got distracted and when I came back couldn’t find the color I was painting with so pick one close and just kept going.  So my left hand is Red Deer by China Glaze and my right hand is Heart to Heart by OPI. 

Heart to Heart by OPI

Heart to Heart and Black shatter

Red Deer by China Glaze

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