My Asus

So, for what seems like forever I have been having issues with my desktop.  We got my laptop about 5 years ago.  We got it because all I had at the time was a laptop that would not run what I wanted it to, so we upgraded.  Since getting the desktop the motherboard has fried, graphics card gone out, issues with fans, and etc.  Its latest trick was not recognizing anything that was plugged into it.  This could and sometimes did include mouse and keyboard.  So the only thing that it would on an almost regular basis acknowledge was the mouse and keyboard.  When I took pictures for my nails or anything I had to download it onto my husbands computer and then transfers it over through network. Now if he was doing anything this was an even bigger inconvenience then it already was being.  So as of today, I now have a new blogging and gaming device.  I have an Asus G73Jw.  

Asus G73Jw

 It is amazing.  Runs so fast and I am just so thrilled.  So now that it is much much much easier to post blogs and get pictures there should be alot more coming your way.  Hope you all had a lovely weekend

* Pictures from Asus website descripition of computer

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