My Vossome Night

So my husband and I like to go out to Sharis once a week.  The main highlight of our trip our is our waiter.  He is really the reason we go out.  He is the nicest man you will ever meet.  His name is Voss, though when we got there tonight I couldn’t remember and could only describe him as the bald guy 😦  So every time we go he complements my nails, is fast, nice and just the greatest person.  You just can’t help but feel happy around him.  The good feelings and vibes flow and you have to catch them and be in them as well while in his presence.  So tonight was turning out to be just another great night with Voss but then, my nails got brought up and we started yelling over the divider at another table.  That table was talking about making him a face book page since so many people love him and his service and come just for that.  They yelled over and asked if he had a page if I would like it!  There was only one answer!!!!! Yes!!!!  So once that gets up and going I will give you all a link and you can head over there and like his page of excellence.

So here is my mani of the day.  I have Frost bite on by China Glaze then topped it with Crushed Candy Crackle by China Glaze as well.

Frostbite by China Glaze

Frostbite by China Glaze

Crushed Candy China Glaze

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  1. Love Frostbite! I have this shade!

    Your package is on the way. Sorry there was a 2 day delay. Been tied up with work and couldn’t get to the PO. 😦


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