Back on track

I think I am finally back on track from this weekend.  I have now cleaned my bathrooms and office.  Tomorrow I am tackling my kitchen and living room, with some laundry.  My poor nails feel very neglected.  I noticed something this weekend though.  I tend to bite off more than I can chew.  I was already very busy, but I told my mom I would help her Sunday.  Sunday rolls around and now, not only do I forget I said I would help, I don’t have time.  I think it is time I focused on my time management skills, so that I don’t leave people hanging.  Or I should just quit assuming I can do everything.This marble was made with china glaze colors.  Coconut kiss, Red Deer, and I will have to find the bottle of blue I used to get color….I will get back to you all.

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  1. Nice marble! I haven’t tried it on myself, only on others. Pretty easy on others so I imagine it might be harder on myself.

  2. Great marbling!


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