Husbands Pedi and Mani

So I am very excited about getting to do my husbands mani and pedi.  While he will never let me paint his nails I will get by on just doing the other stuff.  So getting all my tools for the job sometimes takes a bit, since I am a klutz and loose stuff constantly.

I like using the Lush stepping stone on the toes and the ocean salt on the hand.  They really work well to scrub the skin and leave them soft.  So I soak the feet and scrub them with the stepping stone then put the dead sea cuticle oil on them.  Then remove dead skin by cuticles and etc.  Trimming nails and buffing.  Finishing with lotion.  Same method for hands but with the ocean salt and a bowl instead of a tub 🙂  He let me take some pictures so here they are in a slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

He really enjoyed it and I have a pretty good time doing it.  After all that was said and done, I let him pick what he wanted me to do on my nails.  He picked a white base coat and a fish net pattern in blue with a blue sparkle over the top.  So a White on White by China Glaze bottom color, a Deejay blue by L.A. girls, topped off with a blue sparkle called Nail Junkie by Sinful Colors.


White on White China Glaze

Nail Jumkie by Sinful Colors

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