Tronica Wheel

2 posts in one day!  Amazing.  Especially since there are 3 days I missed posting this month.  But in my defense I did post more than once on certain days.  This is one of those days.  I am really excited becuase I just picked up the Tronica collection by China Glaze.  I got 11 of the colors.  The color Gamer glam just didn’t stand out for me.  I am not a huge lighter purple fan.  I did get Mega Bite,  Laser Lime, Techno Teal, High Def, Virtual Violet, Electra Magenta, Hyper Haute, 3D Fantasy , Digtial Dawn, Cyber Space, and Holographic.  I find the colors to be great.  Some that are neon and others in cooler tones, but all with nice holo added.  I took some pictures a couple outside and one inside.  The one inside does not seem to accurately portray the colors at all, I like the shots outside better.

The inside shot. Not a great at all.

Outside, its sunny. Click me to see it bigger!

Sunny outside

Starting with Holographic on the left.

  1. Holographic
  2. Cyber Space
  3. Digtial Dawn
  4. 3D Fantasy
  5. Hyper Haute
  6. Electra Magenta b
  7. Virtual Violet
  8. High Def
  9. Techno Teal
  10. Laser Lime
  11. Mega Bite

Very exciting.  I also picked up Classic Carmel by China Glaze, Ginger Bells by OPI, You Don’t Know Jacques (suede) by OPI, and Sea Spray by China Glaze.  I don’t think I have been this happy with my color selection since I got the Glee collection.  I love the colors and will be painting more this weekend I can tell.

Also if you ever have a desire to see a certain color swatched that is in my collection leave me a comment on my collection page.  That page lists everything I own.

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  1. wow did you find these @ Sally Beauty Supply?
    Cyber Space looks really pretty! like a neutral-holo?!


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