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So my husband is working OT this weekend, so I like to drive him and pick him up.  He likes it and it is extra time with him.  After dropping him off I went to the mall for some much needed pants.  Mine were looking kinda worn.  I ended up getting 4 pairs for $44 at JC Pennys.  I was very excited about that but knowing me I had to look at the nail polishes too.  I ended up getting 4 at the JC Pennys salon.  I got tease-y does it, Not like the movies, Glow up already, and The One that Got Away.  I am going to give The one That Got Away to the second place person in the contest.  I also stopped by Sephora, and had to pick up a larger bottle of Slushied from the Glee Collection, becuase it is such a pretty blue.  And I spotted another green I “needed”.  Leaf him at the Alter!  Now I went home and swatched them onto my wheel so that it is updated.  I noticed in doing so I only had one more spot on my 18 nail wheel for greens.  I told my husband that I was a little sad because that meant I could only buy one more green.  He said I should just move the glittery one to their own wheel so that I had room to buy more.  He is the sweetest!

Well I thought I would show what I swatched today.  It is Down to my Last penny by OPI.  A great coppery orange.

Down to My Last Penny by OPI

Down to My Last Penny by OPI

Also I find it funny that so many people have such an aversion to feet.  I particularly like my feet and take very good care of them.  I paint them, not as often as my nails but still.  I think the reason I do not do it more is because it is a hassle to paint them.    I think it is a hassle since they seem so far away from my hands, I am only 5ft 8 but still.  I painted my lovely toes a few days ago and thought I would show you the color.  I used Secret Peri-wink-le by China Glaze.  Then I added Fairy Dust by China Glaze.  I love the holo glittery it gives it.

Secret Peri-winkle by China Glaze

Fairy Dust by China Glaze

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