DS Coronation

I have a new favorite color.  DS Coronation by OPI!  I found it while shopping at ULTA.  I was very excited to see it since I hadn’t seen it there before.  The normally shiny silver lid looked worn but I didn’t think much of it and bought it and took it home.  Once home I figured out why the lid looked like that.  The thing was practically sealed shut.  The person who bought it before me must have rubbed of the silver trying to get it open then just returned it after no luck.  Well I was not so easily discouraged and I knew just what to do when I couldn’t get it open.  Ask someone else to open it!  So I asked my friend to prove that he was the strongest man in the world and open it for me, his son said he was but I needed proof.  Low and behold he got it open and it is now my new favorite color.  I thought it would also look great under shatter, and since I haven’t painted anything with the shatter yet I though I would give it a try.  I love it!  The holo underneath it is amazing.  I also tried brush strokes in different directions to see results.  I took quiet a few more pictures than normal since my friend had also helped me with my camera.   I hope you like the pictures.

DS coronation and black shatter by OPI

DS coronation and black shatter by OPI

And on a side note Eirwen is feeling a little better but still in bathroom on only gets cone off when I am in there… She is sadness.  But is getting more sympathy canned food than she normally does in a month.  She weighted 14.5 going into this and after canned food treats… hmmm, one fat pretty kitty.

Getting pet pets w/o the cone

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