Cone of Shame

So today was going great.  Got off of my first shift teaching.  Came home, painted nails, surfer internet, watched Glee episode, etc.  I had to watch the episode of Glee b/c everyone was whining about the songs and etc.  So people can say they are abandoning the older watchers by doing 3 Justin beieber songs, but a whole episode of journey no big deal….. whiners.  I am lost on what is going on since I only watched the first season and haven’t started the second yet but I liked it.  While watching I was inspired to do my nails.  Since my husband got me Glee colors by Sephora I had to put them on while watching the episode.   I chose to to Who Let the Dorks Out? and Sue vs. Shue with a silver strip of Celibacy Club.

Who Let the Dorks Out? Sue vs. Shue & Celibacy Club by Sephora OPI

My friend helped me play with my camera and figure out some new ways to get a better looking picture.  Only have this one for now but I like it so much I may just practice on my nails wheels and leave this on a few days!  I will take some more pictures soon just so tired at the momemnt.

When I can home this evening after second shift, I realized something was wrong with my kitty Eirwen.  Pinned her down and realized her poor butt was bleeding, raw, and swollen.  So off to the Emergency Vet we went.  My wonderful husband accompanied us.  So for those who do not know my kitties are like my children.  I don’t have children and don’t really plan on it.  I love my kitties and want their health and happiness.  So when they are hurt I will get them help.  Well after vet we don’t know what happened, but she is in solitary confinement in bath room with pain meds and butt cream.  Not only that she has to wear the cone of shame.  I love her and feel bad that she is in there… but after coming home and finding bloody butt prints in bathroom I am glad it is not on tan carpet.  Here is to hopeful thinking and a fast recovery so she may once again sit on my lap as I paint my nails.

Poor Eirwen....

Giving her pet pets

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  1. Andrea Smith

     /  February 17, 2011

    Oh no!! I hope Eirwen feels better soon.


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