Valentine’s Day Color wheel

So I thought I would color wheel the two colors that really sum up this holiday tomorrow, which are red and pink.  I listed the colors by number and for some, they could have gone on a different color wheel but oh well too late 🙂

1.       Strawberried in the Sand by OPI
2.       Cajun Shrimp by OPI
3.       Express Yourself to Yourself by Sephora OPI
4.       California Raspberry by OPI
5.       Fuchsia Purple by Sinful Colors
6.       Miss Bossy Pants by Sephora OPI
7.       Shinning Hearts by Sinful Colors
8.       Didgeridoo Your Nails? by OPI
9.       Dancing Nails by Sinful Colors
10.   Nice Color, Eh? by OPI
11.   Silent Mauvie by OPI
12.   Sharron’s Heart by Sinful Colors
13.   Italian Love Affair by OPI
14.   Glass Pink by Sinful Colors
15.   Honeymoon Sweet by OPI
16.   Significant Other Color by OPI

1.       Rich in Heart By Sinful Colors
2.       Kiss Me At Midnight by Nicole OPI
3.       Romeo and Joliet by OPI
4.       Malaga Wine by OPI
5.       Lying Nails by Sinful Colors
6.       Ali’s Big Break by OPI
7.       SoHo Nice to Meet You by OPI
8.       Ruby Deer by China Glaze
9.       No Autographs, Please by OPI
10.   Red my Mind! by OPI
11.   Heart to Heart with OPI by OPI
12.   Hey Vito, Is my Car Ready by OPI
13.   The  Show Must Go On by OPI
14.   Euro-Mazing by OPI
15.   Nicole’s Fave by Nicole OPI
16.   Thataway by China Glaze

I am tired.  Might come on here and update with what I think each colors looks like for a more detailed description, but for now it is bed time 🙂

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