Early Valentines Day gift from Husband

I am very excited!  I have recently with in the last month started watching Glee.  Getting it from Netflix and working on season one, which I just finished.  I am in love.  Not only do I love musical type things I love how well the songs play into what is going on with their own little flare added.  So I am going to start watching season two here soon, right after a finish the runway show with Janice Dickinson I just got.  I have the CD’s I listen to at obnoxious levels in the car, I am in love.  So I was super excited when I found out that OPI was teaming with Sephora to come out with a Glee inspired nail polish designed line.  I have been talking and rambling about it to my husband for weeks now.   Well today I got to go to the mall and look for it!  Not only did they have the mini set!!!!!, but they had other colors that were not in the mini’s!   My wonderful husband let me get the mini set which included: Slushied (blue),Celibacy Club (holo glittery), Sue vs. Schue (navy blue), Gleek Out (a glittery lime),  Miss Bossy Pants (a Rachel Berry-themed berry pink), Express Yourself to Yourself (coral).  Also he got me the full sized: Break a leg-warmer (grey), Gleek Out (a glittery lime), Hell to the No (purple with gold shine), and Who let the Dorks out ( a blueish green with a tean shine).

Also while at the mall I wandered through other stores and was able to find a full sized bottle of Rising Star from the OPI Burlesque collection, which I love and only had a mini of.  And got my first from OPI’s Texas Collection.  I choose to get It’s Totally FortWorth it becuase it is such a pretty silvery gray with purple shine to it, and my collection of polishes does not contain many grays.  While passing a salon I also noticed that they had some of the infamous Katty Perry Shattered, 3 bottles to be exact.  Well I have stated that I have not been fond of it but thought I would give it a try so I bought a bottle.  Only to decide to go back and buy the other two for a contest I am going to try to through on my blog.  Haven’t deiced how yet though…

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