Pinks and cameras

Most the time I am happy that the picture I see on the computer screen matches closely the color on the nails in RL, real life.  But for these pinks  I am not sure that all matched the way I wanted them too.  I will provide a description of each color just in case the picture is not doing it justice.  The thing that agitated me was most of the nails would be exact and only one would look slightly different.  Have not had this issue in the past so I am hoping that it is a pink thing.

1. Shinning hearts by Sinful Colors- This is a  hot pink color with purple shine through out.  Covered nicely with just the two coats.

2.  California Raspberries by OPI- This color could almost be classified as a red by I think leaned slightly more to a deep pink.  Another reason it was classified with my pinks was the shine on it is defiantly a light pink almost purplish. Two coats looked great.  You will also have to pardon my sadly small nail as it was cut yesterday.

3. Nice Color, eh? by OPI – I would classify this color as a hard pink almost maroonish, with a light almost silvery shine to it.  Two coats covered nicely.

4. Dancing Nails by Sinful Colors-  This color is more a dusty dark rose pink with pink shine and shimmer to it.  Coat coats was plenty and depending on the thickness you could probably get away with one coat.

5. Didgeridoo your nails? by OPI- This is a great pinky-purple with a darker pink shine to it.  The two coats covered nicely.

6. Honeymoon Sweet by OPI-  Very Pale almost whitish pink with a pearly shine to it.  After two coats you can still see the nail line so more coats are needed or a color underneath.

7. Italian Love Affair by OPI- Pastel pink color has a pink to pearl shine to it.  Two coats covered nicely, but can slightly streak so delicate painting is needed.

8. Glass Pink by Sinful Colors #776 – This is a basically clear with a slight pink tint to it polish and the glitter inside is very light pink and pearl.  After two coats you can see the nail line, so this should probably be used on top of a different color to bring out the pink.  Pretty Though.

9.  Strawberried in the Sand by OPI- This colors is a slightly orange pink with a bright pink and purple shimmer shine to it.  With two coats the nail line is barely seen, but a third coat would make it pop and cover that.

10. Cajun Shrimp by OPI- This is the nail that I am not happy with how it turned out in the picture.  It is a bright reddish pink, almost coral like.  Goes on a little redder than bottle but looks great after two coats.

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  1. My camera gets confused by purples, which is unfortunate because I like purples and wear them a lot.

    • What do you do when that happens? I have the ability to photoshop, but I like to leave it as is besides cropping so people are normally see what it really looks like.


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