Kitty wants in on action…

So I am sitting and surfing the web, letting my nails dry a little between coats, when suddenly I am landed on by our big, 14 lb,  boy kitty.  This in itself is odd because he is my husbands cat and acts as if I am in inconvenience, only there to scoop his poop and feed.  He immediately sits down and is content to not move.  I think to myself, fine… don’t move.  So I continue to surf the internet and paint my nails.  During which I found this great article about saving and little tips and tricks.  Would have been a great article for yesterday’s nail polish being gold but oh well.  Any who as I am reading this I realize, I myself have broken a few of them.  Which is now how I am in the situation of having large TV’s I am trying to get rid of in my purging process.  After I put the finishing touches on my nails and hand paint a heart, I go to take the picture.  Now normally I use a black towel as to not distract from what the picture is about, the nail polish.  But now I have a large black cat on my lap.  So I think well I will take the pictures against  him, he’s black, what’s the difference.  Well this peaked his interest after a few and he started to wiggle.  Then he decided that once again I had become a nuisance with my flash and he jumped down and I got my picture 🙂   Hope you all enjoy the pictures…. for now it is off to bed since it is 1am!


DS extravagance by OPI and Bebo


DS extravagance by OPI and Bebo


DS extravagance by OPI and Bebo


DS extravagance by OPI with hand painted heart

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