My green collection

I have always had a love of the color green.  Many of the polishes in my collection are greens.  So I thought why not swatch them all.  While doing this I got to thinking about how I choose my colors.  Most people I am noticing will buy a whole collection or style.  I usually just pick out whatever color suits my fancy or I think is pretty.  I love the limey greens more than the Kelly like greens.

I found this article about what your color of nail polish says about you.  So according to this article I am,  “vigor and the environment. Going “green” in your nail polish exudes earthiness and spunk.”  While I am a recent , almost 2 years ago, graduate from PSU with a B.S. in environmental studies and resource management, I don’t think it quite fits me.  I like the vigor and spunk part because I would like to think of myself that way, but the whole environmentally conscious part… ehhhhh.  While I do recycle and try to reduce my emissions, I still do many things that would not fall into that category.  Not to mention the fact that my husband flies across country every couple months for work.  So in theory most things point to me being very environmental but I hate being lumped into that box.  I just love the color green.

Well I had fun doing this and I hope you enjoy the pictures.

JaperJade by OPI

Took 3 coats to get the Jasper Jade thick enough to not show nail underneath.

Heretodayaragontomorrow by OPI

Took 3 coats of the Here Today… Aragon tomorrow.

Jolly Holly by China Glaze

2 coats of Jolly Holly

Jade is the New Black by OPI

2 Coats of the Jade is the new Black

Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze

2 Coats of the Four Leaf Clover.

Happy Ending by Sinful Colors

Took 3 coats but it is a cheaper polish you can find at like grocery stores.

Sub-lime by Piggy Polish

Took 3 coats but I really enjoyed the small brush and handle.


Green-wich Village by OPI

Took 3 coats of Green-wich Village

Who the Shrek Are You? by OPI

Took 3 coats or Who the Shrek Are You?

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