The start to something new…

I am tired.  But complaining about complaining is still complaining.  So, I will just state that starting this was a mini job.  I am very excited about where it will go from here.  I plan to write on what ever strikes my fancy that day just as long as it is a good feeling topic.  So for most days it will probably include something about my Lush bath products or painting my nails.  As of right now I know I am getting together with some people and will be painting my nails and probably theirs something new tomorrow.  When I think about it I paint almost every day.  I bought a nail wheel so I can paint and practice while not changing my own.  I hope to post some of those designs here as well but now is not the time for my husband is asleep on the couch and I am growing tired myself.  So I will leave you with what I am wearing right now. I painted the base color Monday and then Tuesday I did the camo design.

Here today... Aragon tomorrow and New England Nutmeg


Camo design

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